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World Flags

The World Flags Quiz not only helps your child learn more about a country’s most cherished values, it also trains her to be inquisitive about people and places. This is an invaluable skill for an increasingly mobile workforce that has to visit remote destinations at any point. Prepare your child with pictorial techniques to identify cultures and climates. Learning with symbols helps develop, among children, the idea that pictures can have meaning. This, in turn interests them in abilities required for higher mathematics, engineering, and advanced problem solving in later life.

Flag symbol quizzes teach children about appreciating diversity and respecting differences. They are a great exercise in memory and help your kids score well in IQ and other competitive tests for selection to various national and state programs. Get your child The Quizopedia subscription today!

1) Napoleon was finaly defeated in the battle of Waterloo. Which country does Waterloo lie in?

2) Which is an Indian dance form?

3) Which of these animals is NOT found in India?

4) Which country does this flag belong to?

5) The 2018 FIFA World Cup was held in which country?

6) What is the logo of UNEP?

7) Which of the given is the logo for UNICEF?

8) Which country's flag is this?

9) Which one is Canada's flag?

10) The Zulu people are an ethnic group in which country?

11) Which weapon is the main insignia in the Sultanate of Oman's flag?

12) The displayed coat of arms belongs to which Middle-Eastern country?

13) Which country's flag is this?

14) Which is the flag of Nepal?

15) King Bhumibol Adulyadej (1927-2016) (in pic) was a revered king of which country?

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