Wild Life Quiz for upper primary stage classes

Wild Life Quiz

Do you think your kid knows almost everything about wildlife? You will be amazed at how much they can learn through our awesome Wildlife Quizzes Online.

It enables the participants to think critically and apply what they learn in the process. It is a unique opportunity for students or schools across India to facilitate knowledge and consciousness among students towards wildlife.

You can prepare them for upcoming tests, simply keep them updated or even get insights into creating awesome questions with wildlife quiz for students.

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1) Which of these birds can rotate its head approximately 360 degrees?

2) Which bird, also known as 'the farmer of the forest', is the state bird of Arunachal Pradesh?

3) Which is the largest Heron of Earth?

4) Which is the only species of owl endemic to Central India?

5) Which of these birds, also known as the Impeyan Pheasant, is the state bird of Uttarakhand and the national bird of Nepal?

6) Which bird is often referred to as the 'nine-coloured bird'?

7) Which is the largest of the Indian cranes?

8) Which bird is the state bird of the Delhi?

9) Of the sparrow-hawk species, and also known as Little Banded Goshawk, what is this snail raptor commonly known as in India?

10) Which singing bird does not make its own nest but parasitizes other bird's nests to lay eggs?

11) Which bird excavates a tunnel to use as its nest and is also the state bird of West Bengal?

12) Baya Weavers usually live in colonies, are best known for their elaborately woven nests constructed mostly by which of the following?

13) Which bird's nest, made almost completely of hardened saliva, is cosidered adelicacy and used to make soup in many Asian countries?

14) birds are known to carry out a form of self-medication for multiple puposes. What is the method called?

15) What is the alternate common name for the Brahminy Duck?

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