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Space Quest

Quizzes on Space Science are essential for school aged children so that they get inspired by a technology so vital to human progress. Space science is the reason why so many modern materials, fuels, resource mining techniques, and advances in biotechnology are taking place. Understanding our place in the universe is important to keep planning for life in perspective.

The universe is filled with wonders far beyond the imagination. Let your child be a part of the quest for alien life, stars and galaxies with features never seen before. Help your child learn by repeated questioning. Quizzes help in remembering information for longer and your child performs better in competitive examinations that will determine her career. Get The Quizopedia subscription today!

1) Red Moon is shown is this picture. When do you see the moon like this?

2) Who is the father of the big bang?

3) Most commercial nuclear power plants worldwide are cooled by _______.

4) Unit of power in SI Unit?

5) RLV-TD, the first-ever indigenous space shuttle launched in 2016.Which country it belongs to?

6) When Gagarin was landed into orbit?

7) Which among the following is Brightest star?

8) What was the name of India’s first scientific experimental satellite launched on April 19, 1975?

9) With which country did PM Modi sign an MOU promising cooperation in telemetry tracking and telecomm and station for satellites and launch vehicles?

10) The Indian scientist known as Missile man of India?

11) The type of solar eclipse in this picture is known as:

12) Expand ChACE-2 Paylaod of Chandrayaan-2?

13) At which location is the Asia’s biggest telescope, ARIES, inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi located?

14) When did Mangalyaan reach mars orbit?

15) In what capacity are Antrix Corporation and the newly announced New Space India Limited associated with ISRO.

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