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1) How many circles are there in the figure given below?

2) If I = \(\frac{13}{4}\) ÷ \(\frac{5}{6}\), II = 13 ÷ [(4 ÷ 5) ÷ 6], III = [13 ÷ (4 ÷ 5)] ÷ 6 and ​​ IV = 13 ÷ 4(5 ÷ 6) then, which of the following are equal?

3) Latika is facing Bikaner. What will she be facing, if she turns 315° anti-clockwise ?

4) Which of the following options will complete the Fig. (X)?

5) The simplification of 2.002 + 7.9 {2.8 – 6.3(3.6 – 1.5) + 15.6} yields

6) In which of the following options, Fig. (X) is exactly embedded as one of its part?

7) Naman ranks 14th from the top and 26th from the bottom in a class. How many students are there in the class?

8) Which of the following statements is/are INCORRECT? (i) Eighty four in Roman numeral is written as CXXXIV. (ii) There are seven zeroes in 1 crore. (iii) There are ten thousand milligrams in 1 kg. (iv) The smallest 4-digit number formed by using all the digits 4, 3, 0, 8 without repetition is 3048.

9) One morning Raju start walk towards his school. After covering 5 km distance in East, he turned to the left and walk 2 km, then again turns to the right and walk 5 km. He again turns to the left. In which direction is he facing now?

10) Find the missing number.

11) There is a certain relationship between figures (1) and (2). Establish the same relationship between figures (3) and (4) by selecting a suitable figure from the options which will replace the (?) in figure (4).

12) If 8 * 7 = 56, 9 * 6 = 54 and 8 * 3 = 24, then find the value of 8 * 5.

13) Select odd one out.

14) Which of the following net can be used to form the given cube?

15) If ‘earth’ is called ‘sky’, ‘sky’ is called ‘tree’ and ‘tree’ is called ‘wall’, then on which of the following a fruit grows?

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