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Help your child appreciate literature studies by taking English literature quiz questions based on great works he/she is likely to have read. Different Literature quiz questions are available for different levels from primary, upper primary, middle school levels to secondary school levels, Quizopedia covers it all!

Take the Indian literature quiz and help your child discover new great classics, inspiring extracts from giants in the field of literature, and let him develop an appreciation of the written word. It is true discovery when your child finds out that the written word need not mean its dictionary reference. Works of Indian literature doyens such as Rabindranath Tagore, Munshi Premchand, Ruskin Bond, Nissim Ezekiel, and many other contemporary writers of acclaim, would be great inspirations for your child to motivate herself to write, understand the nuances of style, distinguish drama from story, and so on. Get your child The Quizopedia subscription today!

1) In 'Mahamaya' what is the name of the male protagonist who is in love with Mahamaya?

2) In 'Guptadhan' the sanyasi who Mrityunjay was following turned out to be which family member?

3) In 'Mahamaya' what is the name of Mahamaya's elder brother?

4) In 'Mashi' what name does Jotin want to give his 'mashi' in the next birth where he wishes she would be his daughter?

5) Mrityunjay is the principal male protagonist of which of these short stories by Rabindranath Tagore?

6) In 'Guptadhan' what is the name of Mrityunjay's grandfather who seeks to find a way to recover his family's lost wealth?

7) In 'Mahamaya' where does Rajib meet Mahamaya and ask her to marry him?

8) At which of these places was the factory of the Sahib for whom Rajib used to work for located?

9) In 'Guptadhan' due to which sage's curse did the great city which reportedly stood in the forest beyond Dharagole fall?

10) In 'Guptadhan' Shankar speaks of a sanyasi whom he met in the mountains. What was his name?

11) In 'Guptadhan' near which village is the famous treasure hidden?

12) In 'Guptadhan' who is Harihar's youngest brother from whom Harihar seeks to keep the secret of the hidden treasure away?

13) In 'Guptadhan' what is the name of Mrityunjay's father?

14) Which of these actors played the role of Amal in the 1965 Bollywood adaptation of Dakghar?

15) Who is the family goddess of Mrityunjay's family in 'Guptadhan'?

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