Indian heritage quiz for Classes 1st to 12th

India Heritage Quiz

Help your child appreciate India’s incredibly rich history with The Quizopedia heritage quiz questions of India designed to amaze. Prod your child’s natural inquisitiveness with true pictures, amazing facts, about monuments, places, people, practices, and phenomena that occur only in India. Proven techniques that take advantage of your child’s natural curiosity, and digestible bites of knowledge to match the pace of different learners, help your child discover his best talents at school.

Comprehensive sets of Indian culture and heritage quiz on India’s rich heritage, forts and palaces, famous people throughout history, its glorious Independence movement, literature quizzes that inculcate an appreciation of culture and the arts, help in making a successful well-rounded individual. Curious facts about the world around her encourage your child to be more observant and try to find how the world works. Get The Quizopedia’s Indian heritage quiz subscription today!

1) What were the officers called who used to distribute the duties among the guards?

2) What was the idol made up of which was put there in the Ashwamedhayajna in place of Sita as Rama’s wife?

3) Who were the ChaturanginiSena?

4) Who was the father-in-law of Bharat and Shatrugan?

5) How GandharwarajShailush was related to Vibhishan?

6) What was the measurement of thirty twoser?

7) How Mahiravan was related to Ravana?

8) Which word was used for the president of the interior ?

9) What is the name of the blue line formed on the snake’s hood?

10) What kind of fasting was done for the sacrifice of life?

11) On spreading both arms on both sides, what is name for measuring the distance between one finger of a hand and the other finger of another hand?

12) Mukta, Amukta, Muktamukta, and Mantramukta are the parts of which Veda?

13) What are Raudra, Sapra, Maitra, Paitra, Vashaw, Aapaye, Vaishwa, Brahman, Praj, Ish, Endra, Endragayna, Nairit, Varunarjamay, Bhagi?

14) What is the name of that point where ‘Pasha’ had been played?

15) Who/what are Aawah, Prawah, Sangwah, Udwah,, Vivah, Pariwah, and Parawah?

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