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India Heritage Quiz

Help your child appreciate India’s incredibly rich history with The Quizopedia heritage quiz questions of India designed to amaze. Prod your child’s natural inquisitiveness with true pictures, amazing facts, about monuments, places, people, practices, and phenomena that occur only in India. Proven techniques that take advantage of your child’s natural curiosity, and digestible bites of knowledge to match the pace of different learners, help your child discover his best talents at school.

Comprehensive sets of Indian culture and heritage quiz on India’s rich heritage, forts and palaces, famous people throughout history, its glorious Independence movement, literature quizzes that inculcate an appreciation of culture and the arts, help in making a successful well-rounded individual. Curious facts about the world around her encourage your child to be more observant and try to find how the world works. Get The Quizopedia’s Indian heritage quiz subscription today!

1) Say what did Lord Ram lift and break to win Sita in marriage?

2) Say in what guise did Hanuman first meet Lord Ram?

3) Say in which part of Lanka did Hanuman find Mata Sita?

4) Say who is the father-in-law of Lord Ram?

5) Identify-Rama belongs to this race or dynasty

6) Say what did Lord Ram lift and break to win Sita in marriageWho came in the guise of a golden deer to the Ashrama of Rama?

7) Say with which arrow did Lord Ram kill Ravana?

8) Complete-She, Ravana’s sister lived in the forests of panchavati, wanted to marry Sri Ram

9) Identify-This rakshasa lures Rama away from the ashrama by becoming the magical golden deer

10) Identify-This sage was the chief sage (advisor) to king Dasharatha

11) Answer-This bird fights with Ravana and gets killed by him when Ravana was taking Sita to Lanka

12) Identify-This rakshasa (he has no head or legs but only two arms) gets released by the curse when Ram kills him in the forests

13) Read and answer-The name of the bird that tried to stop Ravana who was Kidnapping Sita.

14) Complete-Sita’s father lived here, his capital city

15) Identify which brother of Ravana joined and helped Lord Ram?

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