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General Science

General Science quiz questions for school students at the primary, upper primary, middle and secondary stages by Quizopedia are designed to help your child retain information longer. They conveniently complement classroom learning by repeated triggers to memory. General Science quiz questions comprise of a broad range of questions from Chemistry, Physics and Biology. They have been created following proven methods to stimulate the mind, help it remember by association and understanding.

Help your child discover amazing facts from phenomena observed in daily life. Instill curiosity and let your child discover natural theories experimentally through the scientific method. Help your child learn better by continuous practice and quiz questions that encourage her to learn more. Get The Quizopedia subscription for your science genius today!

1) The temperature at which vapour pressure of a substance equals atmospheric pressure is its-

2) What do all the liquids have in common?

3) An example of Plasma is-

4) Which of the following indicates a change in the state of matter?

5) Complete the following. A solid cannot be compressed because there are ________________.

6) Why diffusion is much slower in liquids than in gases?

7) Which state of matter undergoes change in volume most easily?

8) Which of the following is not a physical property of gas?

9) Among the following, which one will produce more severe burns?

10) What will help in increasing the rate of evaporation?

11) Which states of matter are fluid?

12) 0 Kelvin temperature in celsius is equals to-

13) According to the Kinetic Molecular Theory, particles in a liquid-

14) Which heat energy is essential to change the state of a substance?

15) Which two people discovered the 5th state of matter called Condensate?

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