General Science Quiz Question Middle Stage Classes

General Science Quiz Questions

General Science quiz questions for school students at the primary, upper primary, middle, and secondary stages by Quizopedia are designed to help your child retain information longer. They conveniently complement classroom learning by repeated triggers to memory. General Science quiz questions comprise of a broad range of questions from Chemistry, Physics and Biology. They have been created following proven methods to stimulate the mind, help it remember by association and understanding.

Help your child discover amazing facts from phenomena observed in daily life. Instil curiosity and let your child discover natural theories experimentally through the scientific method. Help your child learn better by continuous practice and quiz questions that encourage her to learn more. Get The Quizopedia subscription for your science genius today!

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1) These thin and transparent sheets are made from regenerated cellulose, known as __________.

2) Which synthetic fibre is used in the manufacturing of aircraft tyres?

3) Which of the following is a semi-synthetic fibre?

4) Why synthetic fibres are better than natural fibres?

5) Vulcanised rubber is used in making-

6) What are semi-synthetic fibres?

7) What is the disadvantage of using synthetic fibres?

8) In the process of vulcanisation, the rubber is heated with sulphur at what temperature?

9) Which synthetic fibre is also known as 'artificial silk'?

10) Who created the first synthetic fibre?

11) Which was the first synthetic fibre that was developed by Wallace Carothers?

12) Why rubber is vulcanised?


14) When we touch fabric to see how it feels, we are actually looking at which physical property of the fibre?

15) ________ is a class of any natural or synthetic fibre composed of very large molecules, called macromolecules.

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primaryClasses 1,2

Get your primary stage child interested in learning about the world around her/him. Children will love the attractive pictures and interactive buttons that are easy to understand. A variety of fun titbits from the fields of science, sports, grammar, language, India’s Independence movement, its glorious heritage, forts and palaces, first female achievers, amazing facts about the world, maps, country flags and famous personalities. Special sections are available on space and the cyber world for budding space scientists and cutting-edge computer engineers. There are also brain games and mathematical quizzes to help make learning these challenging subjects fun for your genius child. Make the most of our carefully designed learning program through quizzes for primary stage school kids. Your kids are instilled with a natural sense of wonder. Catch this excitement early and help your child grow into an intelligent, successful adult you will be proud of. Get The Quizopedia subscription today!

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upper-primaryClasses 3,4,5

Get your upper primary class child interested in learning and acquiring knowledge. Challenge young brains with specially tailored test questions that inspire curiosity and make learning fun. The Quizopedia is one of India’s most popular learning apps specially designed to boost IQs of school age students. This fun quiz app contains hundreds of tests that your child can take to retain long-term memories of amazing facts about the world around us. Studies have shown that curiosity is the best way to learn for children. Quizopedia helps you take advantage of this fact by careful design and proven techniques to make your child smarter. Download The Quizopedia today!

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middleClasses 6,7,8

Middle Stage Quizopedia quizzes are designed to help your child cement her independent choices of study by advancing levels of quiz questions to those which require application of mind. Help your child make the most of their growing years by challenging them age appropriately. While the abbreviation quiz and the national flag quiz become less important, requiring mere consolidation, mathematics and language skills become better developed. Brain games aim at advancing speed and enhancing levels of complexity. Compared to learning something entirely new, these middle stage school quizzes assess your child’s understanding rather than making them learn something entirely new. Make the best use of this sensitive age by helping the brain develop in leaps and bounds. Get your child annual subscriptions for a year-long intensive testing regime. Prepare them early for tough entrance exams by regularly putting them through practice. Shorter, more economical subscriptions are also available. Check out The Quizopedia quiz today!

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secondary-classClasses 9,10,11,12

Help your secondary stage child to excel in her chosen field of study with an array of quizzes designed by The Quizopedia, that nurtures the individuality in your child. These advanced levels of quiz questions require reasoning, troubleshooting and creativity, thus, helps your kid become aware. While the Grammar and Language, literature quizzes are designed to challenge your kids’ knowledge in every step, mathematics, brain game cyber quiz, and map-based learning quiz give them the opportunity the exercise the complete potential of their brain. Secondary stage quizzes are a balance of acquiring current information and testing existing knowledge. Gift your child the experience of learning what matters! Get annual subscriptions for a year-long intensive testing regime. Prepare them early for tough entrance exams by regularly putting them through practice. Shorter, more economical subscriptions are also available. Check out The Quizopedia quiz today!

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