General Knowledge Quiz for classes 6,7,8,9

General Knowledge

General knowledge quizzes help your child become aware of happenings and events that affect the world around us. Our GK quiz questions are meticulously researched and designed to invoke untapped skills in understanding and comprehension when your child studies school topics. General knowledge quiz questions enables your school aged kid to pick up on newspaper reading and interesting TV programs on Discovery and National Geographic.

Two minutes online general knowledge quiz test provides bite-sized chunks of learning that your child has no trouble taking. Help in still learning habits in reluctant children through repetition and memory hints. Watch as your child’s school scores improve over time. Prepare your child for IQ and other competitive examinations that will make or break her future. Pave the way for her success. Get The Quizopedia subscription today!

1) The bell "Big Ben's," located in London, real name is _____.

2) Why does a Banshee, the Irish mythical creature, cries out bitterly?

3) Which of the following is the most populated city of the world?

4) The supernatural being Elves are of ______ origin.

5) Which of the following state of India has the maximum number of monuments?

6) How many categories of intruments are their in Indian Classical music?

7) Which of the following animals were used in the construction of Taj Mahal?

8) The first person (male) to draw the map of the Earth is _________.

9) Which of the following mythical creatures are in Harry Potter movie series: -

10) ______ is the busiest river of the world.

11) ________ has the highest melting point of 34100°C.

12) Dinar is the currency of _______.

13) Which country had the first woman Prime Minister?

14) Which of the following is the oldest hospitals of India?

15) The oldest tribe in India is _____.

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