General Knowledge Quiz for classes 6,7,8,9

General Knowledge

General knowledge quizzes help your child become aware of happenings and events that affect the world around us. Quizopedia quiz questions are meticulously researched and designed to invoke untapped skills in understanding and comprehension when your child studies school topics. GK quiz enable your school aged kid to pick up on newspaper reading and interesting TV programs on Discovery and National Geographic.

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1) Complete this-The dolphin is

2) Identify which of the following has the largest eyes of all land mammals?

3) Identify which among the following have a 'mixed heart'?

4) Identify which one of the following is not a true snake?

5) Complete this-The age of a lion can be determined from its

6) Answwer-Niligiri Tahr is the state animal of which of the following states?

7) Identify which of the following is the state animal of Chhattisgarh?

8) Say what is a rhinos horn made of?

9) Say which of the following is the world's most poisonous snake called Hydrophis?

10) Identify which is the only snake that builds nests?

11) Fill in the blank-The period after parturition in which animal produces milk is called as _____.

12) Identify which is the only bird that can fly backwards?

13) Choose the right answer-Kiwi is a native bird of Which of the following countries?

14) Say what is the fastest of all the birds?

15) Identify which is the longest snake in the world?

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