Quiz Questions on Forts and Palaces for classes 9,10,11,12

Forts and Palaces

Forts and Palaces quiz questions from The Quizopedia prepare your school aged child for standard competitive examinations that mark his/her IQ for life. Help your child get better grades with a comprehensive knowledge of India’s numerous forts and palaces, which the British once called its richest legacy.

Enable your child to learn about historical dynasties, architectural styles, cultural wonders and the leanings of India’s rulers over regions and time. Inculcate an appreciation of the arts, design and structure with a comprehensive set of short duration Forts and Palaces tests that help your child retain information longer and more vividly. Instant scores and performance charts help your monitor your child’s progress. These quiz questions also make for great practice in memory and informed debate in higher education. Various competitive examinations also quiz candidates in Indian history prior to its independence. Get The Quizopedia subscription today!

1) As per one of the legends surrounding Sisupalgarh fort in Orissa, what was its ancient name under King Kharavela?

2) When was the construction of Ranthambore fort supposed to have started?

3) Who built the fort of Bhatinda?

4) Which type of fort is the Ranthambore fort essentially?

5) Which famous Indian emperor died while trying to capture Kalinjar Fort?

6) Which district is the Kalinjar fort located in?

7) Ekamra Kshetra is the sacred core of which  present day city of Orissa?

8) Which of these kings renamed Bhatinda to Gobindgarh to commemorate the visit of Guru Gobind SIngh?

9) How did Emperor Akbar finally manage to capture Ranthambore?

10) Sisupalgarh, an ancient fort, now in Orissa, was inhabited from which to which century?

11) Among the many myths surrounding the origin of Sisupalgarh, one recognizes it as a city mentioned in one of Ashoka's inscriptions at Dhauli. What is the city's purported name in the inscriptions?

12) How many gurudwaras are there inside the Bhatinda fort?

13) What was the fort used in its final days for?

14) Which of the great Sikh Gurus among the montioned did not visit the fort of Bhatinda?

15) Under whose kingship did the construction of Ranthambore fort start?

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