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Famous Indian Personalities

A well-rooted tree grows tallest and strongest. While learning about the world is important, rooting to one’s country is of top priority. Knowing about the notable personalities who have helped in nation building not only does add to knowledge also inspires one to immaculate the greatness of them.

This section of the famous Indian personalities quiz helps the learner gather information of eminent Indian personalities who have created history with their efforts. With four stages, this quiz is designed keeping the age group in mind, and the complexity of learning data is rationally distributed in all stages. The famous Indian Personality quiz is informative, entertaining and inspiring for any child. Get The Quizopedia subscription today!

1) Who is the first woman detective of India?

2) Who is the writer of the book 'Faces behind Faces'?

3) Who is India's first female professional poker player?

4) Swati Piramal is the first woman president of-

5) Bharulata Kamble is the first female driver of the world to complete a transcontinental car journey alone.How many countries did she cover?

6) Who is the first woman cricketer of India to be awarded the honorary MCC life membership?

7) Debjani Ghosh is the first woman president of

8) Tara Anand is the first young artist to revive India's forgotten female warriors using-

9) Who is the first woman paratrooper of the Indian army?

10) Who is the first Indian woman to sign with WWE?

11) Who is the first female Dastangoi Artiste of India?

12) Who is the first Indian actress to be a jury member at the Cannes Film Festival?

13) Who is the first Indian woman to be the member of 'The Legion of Honour'?

14) Who is the first female director of AIIMS?

15) Who is the first and only woman to sing the ancient form of Jagar?

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