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Cyber Quiz

In the horizontal inclusive social structure internet plays the catalyst of all changes, opinion building and more. Internet is a duel pronged sword that needs to be handled with ethical responsibility. This section of the quiz helps to sensitize the learner towards the responsible use of the internet and other media.

The cyber quiz imparts knowledge on concepts like cyber-crime, the convention on cybercrime, cyber-attack, computer security, cyberwarfare and culture along with arts, entertainment and media. With four stages, this quiz is designed keeping the age group in mind, and the complexity of learning data is rationally distributed in all stages. This helps the kid keep pace with the ever-changing world of the internet and prepares them to handle it ethically. Get The Quizopedia subscription today!

1) Fill this up-Fuels produced from energy crops are _________.

2) Complete the sentence-The atom bomb is an inherently a

3) On what the Traditional farming has always been based?

4) Choose the right option-Before long we shall have sequenced the genomes of the major crop plants,

5) Identify who wrote the little essay ‘‘On Authority’’ in 1872?

6) Complete the sentence-The factory system, automobile, telephone, radio, television, space program and nuclear power have all at one time or another been described as

7) Identify what are the two main tools for collecting solar energy?

8) What are other genomes being sequenced alongside the human genome?

9) Identify who said that, “The increased deployment of nuclear power facilities must lead society toward authoritarianism. Indeed, safe reliance upon nuclear power as the principal source of energy may be possible only in a totalitarian state.”

10) Identify who said that ‘‘dispersed solar sources are more compatible than centralized technologies with social equity, freedom and cultural pluralism.’’

11) Fill in the blank-The internet will allow people in remote places to make_______.

12) Pick up the correct answer-Ethics must guide technology in the direction of

13) Identify who said that the roots of unavoidable authoritarianism are deeply implanted in the human involvement with science and technology?

14) Fill in the blank-It is obvious that technologies can be used in ways that enhance the ____________ of some over others, for example, the use of television to sell a candidate.

15) Choose the right option-Cheap solar energy and genetic engineering will provide the basis for primary industries in the countryside,

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