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In the age of globalization, awareness the key driver of competence. Current affairs quiz help a child learn what is happening where in what part of the world, giving them a grip on social awareness. Get your primary, upper primary, middle school and secondary stage child a start-up boost with a sustainable habit of inquiring into social and political affairs that shape the world we live in.

This section of the daily current affairs quiz introduces the learner with the outside world and its varied perspectives with a diverse set of experiences. With four stages, this quiz is designed keeping the age group in mind, and the complexity of learning data is rationally distributed in all stages. Solve current affairs quiz questions for all sorts of competitive examinations. Get The Quizopedia subscription today!

1) Consider the following statements and select from the correct codes.

1. Assam's All Dimasa Students' Union and the Dima Hasao District Committee complained that rat-hole mining in Meghalaya had caused the water in the Kopili river which flows through Meghalaya and Assam; to turn acidic.

2. Entire roadsides in and around mining areas are used for piling of coal that is a major source of air, water and soil pollution.

3. Off road movement of trucks and other vehicles in the area causes further damage to the ecology of the area.

2) Consider the following statements and select from the correct codes.

1. Before the pheran came to Kashmir, a long robe was worn in Kashmir.

2. The long robe was called the lousch.

3. Sir Walter Lawrence, the British Settlement Commissioner for Jammu and Kashmir, in his book "The Valley of Kashmir (1895)" credits Akbar and the Mughal rule with bringing the pheran to Kashmir.

4. Some patriots go so far as to assert that the introduction of the kangar and its auxiliary, the gown, was an act of statecraft on the part of the emperor Akbar, who wished to tame the brave Kashmiri of the period.

3) Consider the following statements and select from the correct codes.

1. The pheran is a garment widely worn in Kashmir and it is a long robe worn in Kashmir mostly in the winter as protection against the cold.

2. It was at the centre of controversy as a government order banned it for visitors to its offices, before being withdrawn following public outcry.

4) Consider the following statements and select from the correct codes.

1. In the Assembly election result of December 2018, the NOTA (None of the Above) vote has been the focus of attention at 2% in Chhattisgarh, 1.4% in Madhya Pradesh and 1.3% in Rajasthan.

2. In the latter two states, the NOTA vote exceeds the difference between the vote shares of the Congress and the BJP.

5) Consider the following statements and select from the correct codes.

1. The coal seam in hills of Meghalaya is very thin, less than 2 m in most cases.

2. The National Green Tribunal (NGT) banned rat-hole mining in 2014, and retained the ban in 2015, on grounds of it being unscientific and unsafe for workers.

3. The state government of Meghalaya has appealed the order in the Supreme Court.

6) Consider the following statements and select from the correct codes.

1. GSLV-Mk-II is ISTO's fourth generation rocket with three stages and in the first stage has four liquid strap-ons and a solid rocket motor, the second has a high thrust engine using liquid fuel, and the third is the cryogenic upper stage.

2. The indigenous cryogenic engine was tested successfully for the first time on January 5, 2014; a launch had failed on April 15, 2010.

3. The cryogenic stage uses liquid hydrogen as fuel and liquid oxygen as an oxidizer and compared to solid and earth-storable liquid propellant stages, it is a highly efficient rocket stage that provides more thrust for every kg of propellant it burns.

4. ISRO initially used seven cryogenic engines sold by Russia for the early phase of its GSLV programme that began in 2001.

5. GSLV launches with Russian engines have had mixed success, with only two flights performing well.

7) Consider the following statements and select from the correct codes.

1. The All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) recently completed trials on a low-cost, pain-free cervical cancer-screening device developed by Duke University.

2. It comprises a long "tampon-inspired" structure connected to a screen.

3. The device is inserted into the patient's body exactly like a tampon is and then what it sees is projected onto the screen with resolution that is as good as, or perhaps better than, a colposcopy.

8) Consider the following statements regarding rat-hole mining and select from the correct codes.

1. It involves diggings of very small tunnels, usually only 3-4 feet high, which workers (often children) enter and extract coal.

2. In side-cutting procedure, narrow tunnels are dug on the hill slopes and workers go inside until they find the coal seam.

3. In the other type of rat-hole mining, called box-cutting, a rectangular opening is made, varying from 10 to 100 square meters, and through that is dug a vertical pit, 100 to 400 feet deep.

4. Once the coal seam is found, rat-hole-sized tunnels are dug horizontally through which workers can extract the coal.

9) Consider the following statements and select from the correct codes.

1. James Marion Sims, the father of modern gynecology, is created with the invention of the speculum that is currently used to pry open the vagina to look at the cervix of the mouth of the uterus when using a colposcopy.

2. Sims perfected the speculum in the 19th century on slaves women who had been bought to procreate.

3. While it met his need for medical investigation, Sims's invention is one of the most painful and uncomfortable tests a woman has to go through, and it has not changed much since his time.

10) Consider the following statements regarding Pheran and select from the correct codes.

1. It is a garment only worn by the males in winter and has long been part of Kashmir's traditional wear and is associated with the Kashmiri identity as much as the Kangri and the Kashmiri cuisine.

2. In rural parts of the valley, pherans are worn around the year, made with cotton in the summer and tweed or wool in the winter.

3. The pheran is made of seven rectangular pieces of cloth, stitched together to from a robe. Its shapelessness allowed people to carry a kangri, an earthen pot filed with burning coals carried inside the pheran, to keep warm in sub-zero temperatures.

4. The pheran extends way under the knees to retain heat from the kangri in the winter, and its relaxed fir allows the tradition of sitting on the floor.

11) Which state recently got its first all-women employee post office on 21 September 2019?

12) Consider the following statements and select from the correct codes.

1. At 2,250 kg, GSAT-7A is the heaviest satellite launched by GSLV-Mk-II since it began using the indigenous cryogenic engine after carrying out early development flight with Russian cryogenic engines.

2. The cryogenic stage of this vehicle has been modified to increase the thrust rate.

13) Consider the following statements regarding the alliance situation in Bihar and select from the correct codes.

1. Koeris are 10% of Bihar's population, which is much more numerous than Kurmis 2%, the caste to which Nitish belongs and are spread across many Lok Sabha and Assembly seats.

2. The RLSP's internal surveys have identified 90 Assembly segments that have a Koeri population in excess of 35,000, and another 18 segments that have 15,000-plus.

3. There are more than 2.5 lakh Koeris each in 18 of Bihar's 40 Lok Sabha constituencies.

14) Consider the following statements and select from the correct codes.

1. GSAT-7A is an advanced communication satellite with a Gregorian Antenna and other new technologies.

2. The satellite operating in the Ku-band will service communication needs for network-centric operations of the IAF and the military.

3. GSAT-7A is the 39th Indian communication satellite of ISRO to provide services to users in Ku-band over the Indian region.

4. Most of the functional requirements of the communication payloads and the other systems have been derived from ISRO's earlier geostationary INSAT/GSAT satellites.

5. GSAT-7A was built on a standard 2,000 kg satellite bus used over the years by ISRO.

15) Consider the following statements and select from the correct codes.

1. ISRO is developing a more powerful, fifth-generation GSLV-Mk-III rocket to launch satellites in the 4-6 tonne category.

2. GSLV-Mk-III had a successful development flight in November 2018 when it launched the 3,423 kg GSAT-29 communication satellite.

3. GSLV-Mk-III is the designated launch vehicle for India's second moon mission next year and the first human space flight scheduled for 2022.

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