Current Affairs Quiz

Current Affairs Quiz

In the age of globalization, awareness the key driver of competence. Current affairs quiz help a child learn what is happening where in what part of the world, giving them a grip on social awareness. Get your primary, upper primary, middle school and secondary stage child a start-up boost with a sustainable habit of inquiring into social and political affairs that shape the world we live in.

This section of the daily current affairs quiz introduces the learner with the outside world and its varied perspectives with a diverse set of experiences. With four stages, this quiz is designed keeping the age group in mind, and the complexity of learning data is rationally distributed in all stages. Solve current affairs quiz questions for all sorts of competitive examinations. Get The Quizopedia subscription today!

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1) Who has become the new CEO of National Institution for Transforming India (Niti Aayog) in 2022?

2) What is the name of India's first home-grown mRNA Covid-19 vaccine developed at Pune’s Gennova Biopharmaceuticals?

3) In which Upanishad was the word ‘yoga’ first appeared?

4) What is the name of the new service from Google to track how the planet changes in response to various natural and human activities like floods, fires, deforestation, etc?

5) How many wetlands does India have?

6) Psyche mission of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) along with SpaceX is related to which of the following?

7) Who has won the gold medal for discus throw at the Qosanov Memorial 2022 athletics meet in Almaty, Kazakhstan?

8) Capital of which country has topped the list of most liveable cities in the world out of 140 cities?

9) What was the theme of National Statistics Day 2022?

10) Who is the largest producer of salt in the world?

11) Which state in India topped by having the maximum number of districts topping under the Performance Grading Index for districts (PGI-D) in Education?

12) Who has become the first Indian to receive Golden Achievement Award 2022 by the International Tennis Hall of Fame and International Tennis Federation?

13) Who has become the new Director of Intelligence Bureau in 2022?

14) Who has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT)?

15) Who is the largest producer of Uranium in the world?

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Get your primary stage child interested in learning about the world around her/him. Children will love the attractive pictures and interactive buttons that are easy to understand. A variety of fun tidbits from the fields of science, sports, grammar, language, India’s Independence movement, its glorious heritage, forts and palaces, first female achievers, amazing facts about the world, maps, country flags and famous personalities. Special sections are available on space and the cyber world for budding space scientists and cutting-edge computer engineers. There are also brain games and mathematical quizzes to help make learning these challenging subjects fun for your genius child. Make the most of our carefully designed learning program through quizzes for primary stage school kids. Your kids are instilled with a natural sense of wonder. Catch this excitement early and help your child grow into an intelligent, successful adult you’ll be proud of. Get a Quizopedia subscription today!

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Middle Stage Quizopedia quizzes are designed to help your child cement her independent choices of study by advancing levels of quiz questions to those which require application of mind. Help your child make the most of their growing years by challenging them age appropriately. While the abbreviation quiz and the national flag quiz become less important, requiring mere consolidation, mathematics and language skills become better developed. Brain games aim at advancing speed and enhancing levels of complexity. Compared to learning something entirely new, these middle stage school quizzes test your child’s understanding rather than making them learn something entirely new. Make the best use of this sensitive age by helping the brain develop in leaps and bounds. Get your child annual subscriptions for a year-long intensive testing regime. Prepare them early for tough entrance exams by regularly putting them through practice. Shorter, more economical subscriptions are also available. Check out a Quizopedia quiz today!

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