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The Business and Economy Quiz category is aimed at younger students who are new to economics. It offers quizzes on the Indian economy with correct answers which makes it a great learning platform. During practice quizzes, kids learn about the latest happening in the Indian Economy.

The Quizopedia provides Indian Business Quizzes in simple language so the parents can use it as a basic platform to strengthen economical general knowledge of their children

1) Identify which of the following elements are not parts of e-marketing?

2) Identify which of the following is not a criterion for successful market segmentation?

3) Say when a company strives to appeal to multiple well-defined market segments with a strategy tailored to each segment, it is applying

4) Fill in the blank-E-banking is also known as _______________.

5) Fill in the blank-In terms of goods and services, the function of marketing is to __________ demand

6) Identify during which step of the marketing segmentation, targeting, and positioning process does the firm “develop a marketing mix for each segment?”

7) Which is the subset of e-commerce focused on transaction?

8) Complete the following-Considering non personal communication channels, social networking sites, email and company websites are considered as

9) Fill this up-The …………… is a blueprint that links the firms e- business strategy with technology driven marketing strategies.

10) Identify which one is a communication channel threat?

11) Fill in the blank-E-marketers working in emerging economics should know and understand _____.

12) With which component of four ‘P’ branding is concerned?

13) Identify which one is not online payment mode?

14) What is the basic elements of website?

15) Fill in the blank-The strategy of applying different price vleves for different customers or situation is known as ______.

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