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iOS quiz app for students. Android quiz app for classes 1st to 12th
Online quiz App for Students

The Quizopedia Quizzing App brings the fun and excitement of quizzing to your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. The Quizopedia is helping your child hone the ability to face challenges, develop all-round knowledge and sharpen the quizzing skills.

We have created the most engaging and interactive interface that will foster your child's imagination and knowledge through practice tests, timed quizzes and more, based on a variety of topics from school.

Science Quiz for classes 1st to 12th
Wide Variety of Topics from School
Class I to XII
Grammar & Language | Math | Science | Current Affairs |GK | Space | History
The Quizopedia encapsulates the nuggets of information embedded in the school books in a manner that makes it easy for children to remember.
Brain Games for Kids
Curated Questions
Improve Intelligence & Foster Curiosity
Amazing Facts | Brain Games | Space Quest | Map Based Learning
Browse curated questions from a wide variety of relevant topics. Explore a world of knowledge beyond your textbooks. Visual, interactive, current and so much fun!
Practice Test for Students
Unlimited Practice Tests
Attempt Questions, Check Answers
Sharpen your knowledge
There is no limit to practice. The Quizopedia firmly believes that. Get access to interactive practice tests and check your answers. Build knowledge, test your limits and expand them further.
Quizzes for kids
2-Minute Timed Quizzes
Instant Results
Develop aptitude and ability to think under pressure
Get into the habit of responding quickly with accurate answers. Our timed quizzes help your child hone quizzing skills and check scores.
Mock Test for Students of Classes 1st to 12th
View Results
All your Attempts, Skips and Scores
No attempted question is repeated
Check your scores. Learn from your misses. The Quizopedia helps you to learn and grow. Dive into the unlimited world of great possibilities.
Online Quiz for kids
Online quiz for CBSE/ICSE students
Choose Your Class
Get Questions As Per Your Syllabus & Board (CBSE/ICSE)
Hone Your Quizzing & Exam Skills
Simply choose your class to access questions relevant to you. The Quizopedia is not about quizzing alone. It helps prepare you for exams with topics and subjects relevant to your syllabus and board.
GK quiz for students 1st to 12th
Easy, Child-Friendly Interface
Visual Learning & Map-based Learning
Learning made easy and fun
A pictorial GK section to help your child take advantage of visual learning techniques and MAP Based learning to help your child associate places with their best-known features.
Open an Unlimited World of
Knowledge & Quizzing
Download the app now
iOS quiz app for students. Android quiz app for classes 1st to 12th
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