Why online examination is better than traditional?

Gaurav | 6 January 2022
Why online examination is better than traditional?

The online exam systems offer speedy and accurate solutions within the desired time limit. Few resources require in online exams, as compared to pen-paper tests.

Students can easily access the exams through the internet, which reduces the need for faculty and staff. Also, it helps in the conservation of trees.

Conducting and evaluating the traditional examination is a time-consuming process. The requirement of adequate faculty and study material, seating arrangements are all compulsory for the pen-paper examination method.

In the case of the paper-based exam, the assurance of answers and outcome processing is lengthy and prone to mistake. The online exam systems offer speedy and accurate solutions within the chosen time limit.

Giving grades for online tests is easier than the conventional examinations and is a time-saving benefit for lecturers. The assessment is quick, trustworthy, and authentic. In online exams, the result is more accurate.

The online exam provides flexibility and security for question papers, each student gets spontaneous questions of the same exam pattern.

An advantage of online testing is its accessibility to students with disabilities.

Computers can be customized to cater to those with different physical disabilities.

The physically disabled students have restricted access to such traditional methods of educations and examination. Reaching the campus, writing the papers could be a barrier for them.

Online exams offer the adding videos, images, sound clips, PDFs, and more to a test item to help enrich the content.

The online test comes up with several in-built features, designed to prevent cheating and any unfair ways of writing the paper.

The traditional pen-paper examination is monotonous whereas Online quizzes create curiosity in attempting the questions in lesser time.

Take away points

  • Reduction of Time and Money Spent. Perhaps the ultimate advantage of implementing online exams is less time and money spent
  • Enhanced Safety and Privacy
  • Environment Friendly
  •  Easily Accessible to both Teachers and Students

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