To Play Quiz Online And Learn Simultaneously is Great Fun

The Quizopedia | 21 August 2020
To Play Quiz Online And Learn Simultaneously is Great Fun

Playing Quiz Online is a unique and fun way to engage the learners. It does not matter at what kind of location the learners can play quiz online as long as they have access to the internet. The Quizopedia is a one of its kind, one stop destination for playing quiz online. Other than broadening a student’s knowledge, The Quizopedia is an attempt to redefine the educational paradigms in a significant way by enabling the students, across all age groups, to play quiz online at their convenience anytime and anywhere.

The Quizopedia’s play quiz online feature provides teasers, puzzles and reasoning questions to stimulate and sharpen the learner’s cognitive skills. Playing and solving puzzles regularly have great many benefits. They boost our cognitive and logical thinking, general knowledge and vocabulary to name a few. Brain teasers or the so-called riddles have been proved to be of immense benefits for people of all ages whether it be kids, teenagers or adults.

One of the biggest pluses of playing quiz online is that one can get immediate feedback/results. The learners are, thus, able to introspect on what areas they have to work harder and improve themselves. The Quizopedia provides exactly this platform as it has an ever expanding and robust question series, which is spontaneously kept updated under diverse heads, such as Language and Grammar, Science, Literature, Mathematics, Sports, etc. enabling the students to not only actively play them but gain knowledge and seek opportunities to excel beyond academics and flourish towards a prolific career rather than a tedious job.

The various benefits of teasers, puzzles and reasoning can be summed up as follows:

  • The Quizopedia believes in the portability of the modern generation. Thus one can pack up your iPad or Mac and attempt this wherever and whenever you feel like.
  • A healthy and active mind is always a plus for you when you attend your classes. Puzzles keep your mind healthy and active thereby enabling it to work faster and sharper in different phases of your daily life.
  • Puzzles are good to keep your emotional side under check and anxiety at bay. In today’s stressful educational ambience, puzzles are a great way to relax and refresh you. The Quizopedia has tried to do the same, thereby giving the learner the much-needed refreshment without losing on the importance of learning and garnering new information albeit in a way which is refreshing.
  • Varied puzzles make you use varied thinking skills, like a traditional crossword makes you think about vocabulary, a Sudoku makes you use logical thinking skills and so on.
  • And most importantly puzzles are game based learning that enable kids and youngsters to play, have fun without compromising on learning.

Thus at The Quizopedia’s play quiz online caters to this very object of learning, i.e., learning should be FUN!

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