7 Ways to Improve Your General Knowledge

General awareness is valued information regarding the social interests of society, community or nation gathered from a range of various media platforms. There are numerous ways by which one can improve its General knowledge. Hence it would be accurate to say that general knowledge covers almost all the aspects of human life.

However, major branches of general knowledge can be classified as follows:

  • Current Affairs
  • Science
  • Arts
  • Physical Health and Recreation
  • Politics
  • History

General knowledge and information on current affairs are interrelated as the news of today will become general knowledge of tomorrow. Children need to acquire general knowledge right from an early age to develop the habit of staying tuned to current affairs and inculcating a curiosity to acquire knowledge outside the syllabus.

Here are some useful tips to study General Knowledge for self-awareness and competitive exams:

Practice the 4 Core Skills

Students preparing for general knowledge quiz competitions should ensure to make the most use of their senses to enhance their knowledge. They should practice 4 core skills that are- read, listen, watch, and speak with like-minded personalities, if possible.


Reading is the main source of gaining any type of knowledge. An individual should read newspapers, magazines, journals, and books to enhance understanding. For example, going through the sports segment will help one to get ready for a general knowledge quiz about sports and famous sports personalities.

Apart from that, while reading newspapers and magazines pay attention to the main events in the corporate world.  You should also read classics as the questions on the literature are very common.


Writing is a great way of finding the correct words for expressing your thoughts. Develop it as a habit. There are many tools now to encourage writers to pen their thoughts and share their write up with the world. Start a blog or a micro blog. Before writing on a certain topic, do some research that leads you to the reading. The most important advantage of writing is that it allows you to consolidate your knowledge and organize your thoughts.

Watch News Every Day

You must spend at least half an hour listening to the news, especially English news every day. Tune in to the good news channel and improve your GK while learning new words. Also, watch channels such as Discovery, National Geography, etc., as these channels provide excellent insights related to science and environment and much more. These channels also telecast some extremely amazing and informative documentaries and shows.

Listen to the Radio

Listening to the radio is a good habit. Many radio stations host short General Knowledge quiz contests for their listeners.

General Knowledge Websites

We live in the internet age which makes it easy to increase basic general knowledge. There are countless websites where you will get general knowledge related content for free. Some online portals like The Quizopedia carry general knowledge questions and answers in simple and easy to understand language.

Play Games

Solving crossword puzzles also help in enhancing general knowledge. Since we are living in the digital era, technology-driven online quizzes are also available.

Building up your general knowledge is not an overnight exercise. It needs years of patience and effort. Start now.

Teaching Students About Science in a fun way

Science in itself sounds monotonous to many students. *Yawn* But sometimes it can turn amazing too if you look it at from another perspective. When you were a kid, you were told to read modules related to science gk questions and answers. As you have grown up, it’s crucial to be aware of these general terms. In this era of social media where you always come up with OOTD, be a genius and slay yourself among peeps. Everything is important; be it knowledge or fashion.

Science is a subject that covers an immensely vast number of topics. Through the core branches are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, all three of them stem into further more branches of sub-categories, like biochemistry, neurophysics, analytical chemistry, etc.

More recently, online quizzes have emerged as one of the most popular assessment element, especially for school students. No matter however boring a subject seems to be, even if it is science, online quizzes have the knack to turn it into something fun and learning both.

You can learn by visiting different quiz sites like The Quizopedia or you can also hunt for it on YouTube. Grabbing knowledge can turn fun if you relate it with your lifestyle. Like, start learning by looking for things that excite you. For example, if you love birds, start reading and visiting sites that give you proper knowledge about it.  There are bundles of places where you get your quiz related problems solved. You can look for it on a platform like Quora.  Thank us later.  *wink*

Depending on technology is great, but it’s always good to keep your brain active by looking for different books. There are variants of books with chapters such as general science quiz for students. Turn eagle when it comes to quiz, pals. Ace the game of quiz by grabbing all kinds of possible knowledge about it!

A Quick Tip:-

  1. Read different blogs related to science.
  2. Go for Q and A, it will help you to brush your brain.
  3. Subscribe for Master Class.
  4. Divide into categories like:

– Business Quiz

– General Quiz

– Tech Quiz

– Revise, and test yourself.

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How Online Quizzes in Diversified Subjects Improve Student Learning

Student learning is a much debated, discussed, and explored topic. After all, what really makes students learn their subjects is crucial, and various methods with which it can be approached is something that is required to be done in a smart manner.

Coming out with new ideas of improved student learning techniques and implementing them in schools and in a student’s education is something that has been going on for ages. Learning is something that requires constant updates with time. Hence, to ensure that a student receives his/her education in the best way possible, new methods of learning are mandatory.

With the advent of technology, new and advanced methods of student learning came into existence, mostly based around computers and the digital world. Since the rise of the internet, just like other spheres of life, student learning also underwent a boom and numerous branches of various methods stemmed out to enhance a student’s learning procedure in an innovative manner.

Following the trend, online quiz platforms and portals began to serve as pretty good mediums to encourage students learning their subjects in an interesting way, without getting bored with the general monotony and uninterestingly flipping the pages of subject books.

Online Quiz

So what online quizzes do to help students with their respective subjects?

Being a student, especially a school student, requires you to equally concentrate on a variety of subjects, be it Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Literature or the other ones. It goes without saying that to play even attention to each of the subjects and perform well in the related exams is quite a tedious task for any school student.

Online quizzes, like the ones available with The Quizopedia, offers quiz questions from all the subjects, where a student get to answer them in a limited duration of time. Initially, it might seem a bit hectic, but such quizzes encourage the student to study their subjects more keenly, noticing all the important facts and figures.

The online quizzes aim towards an overall assessment of a student’s knowledge and hence, the questions are jumbled, including points from every subject that the student is assigned to study. This way, the student learns to carefully go through the subject material and answer the quiz questions without losing much time.

The practice of online quizzing also boosts the learning speed of the students. In less duration of time, they become able to grasp more material and cover more subjects, that too in a way that enhances their grasping ability and clear understanding. Undoubtedly, this practice eventually helps the students to perform well in their exams too.

Another aspect of online quizzing is immediate results generation. Within a few moments of finishing the quiz, the student receives his/her result and assessment. They can immediately begin working towards improving the weak points and studying those subjects or topics more thoroughly. It saves them time and they don’t have to wait for days to get the results before assessing their performance.

Quizzes, in general, are always helpful. They may or may not be a primary part of the curriculum, but taking quizzes is definitely helpful for the students. When it comes to learning in the smartest way, online quizzes surely take the trophy.

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