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There is an ominous need to revive the quiz culture among the school and college goers if we have to reinvent the educational setup and give the students a break from the out-dated classroom centred learning, as they say monotonicity may kill you. And we at The Quizopedia have tried to bridge the gap by facilitating technology with learning by inclusion of state-of-the art online quizzing. And the best part is that it has hundreds of free online quizzes.

One of the biggest pluses of online quiz test is that one can get immediate feedback/results and all these without paying anything as The Quizopedia  has whole bunch of free online quizzes. The learners are, thus, able to introspect on what areas they have to work harder and improve themselves. The Quizopedia provides exactly this platform as it has an ever expanding and robust question series, which is spontaneously kept updated under diverse heads, such as Language and Grammar, Science, Literature, Mathematics, Sports, etc. enabling the students to not only actively play them but gain knowledge and seek opportunities to excel beyond academics and flourish towards a prolific career rather than a tedious job.

The Quizopedia play free online quizzes feature provides teasers, puzzles and reasoning questions to stimulate and sharpen the learner’s cognitive skills. Playing and solving puzzles regularly have great many benefits. They boost our cognitive and logical thinking, general knowledge and vocabulary to name a few. Brain teasers or the so-called riddles have been proved to be of immense benefits for people of all ages whether it be kids, teenagers or adults.

Online quiz test has its own advantages. It is clearly evident from psychological research that practising retrieval of something after it has been learned, for instance by taking a quiz, makes one more likely to preserve it for the long term. The Quizopedia gives ample opportunities to take online quiz test to practice and retrieve what one has learnt.

Presently with lot of sites on internet today, it is really hard to pick out the most apt combinations of entertainment and increasing information. So the question for one is: how to find and trust a good general knowledge quiz site? Herein comes The Quizopedia. It offers a very simplistic web design that is easily accessible to learners of all ages. The Quizopedia is a unique platform of paid online quiz tests along with free online quizzes as it facilitates online GK tests and quizzes along with online quiz tests on almost every topic under the sun. And its focus is on quality and ingenuity rather than quantity. The Quizopedia’s sole endeavour is to continually upgrade its content so that the learner can get access to fresh information on a spontaneous basis.

CBSE India Heritage Quiz

Mooted by the Central Board of Secondary Education in 2001 for inculcating a ceaseless quest and timeless thirst for knowledge in the school-going children studying in classes 9 to 12, CBSE Heritage India Quiz has already acquired cult status amongst serious quizzes all across the nation. Many schools from all across the globe form teams to call spade a spade with their Indian counterparts in this hugely popular and tough contest every year.

Quizzes, formats, levels, and presentations of the same; for the sake of making those interesting, challenging, exciting as well as rewarding can be very differently designed and developed before offering the same to the enthusiasm driven partakers of different mental trajectories.

Indian Heritage Quiz

Going back to the Heritage India Quiz I must highlight the purpose and the importance of the efforts of CBSE as a National Board in trying to attract the attention of the learners of different dimensions towards affluence as well as the influence of the highly rich socio-cultural heritage of India. Our inherently well-knit fabric of “unity in diversity” is presented very ably through the Online Elimination Round and the National Semi-Finalists each year which culminates into the highly anticipated and prestigious Final Grand Gala Quiz to throw limelight on the Best School Teams of the country. There are themes, personalities, monuments, issues and momentous moments galore in each Annual Edition which adds requisite “spice and spirits” to this endless endeavour of the Board, schools, students, mentors, and knowledge – seeking.

In the modern context of a highly busy schedule of students preparing for perpetual readiness to face differently difficult career progression competitions; taking such and all other quizzes head-on and competing in as many of those possible surely provides the required sharpening of MCQ solving skills.

Quizzes, due to their very basic nature, help immensely in learning more about appropriate “time management” and expand the knowledge domains of the youngsters in this constantly exploding “information universe”.

Heritage India Quiz is the Biggest National Campaign to harness the powers of the young brains to ceaselessly capture the Imagination turned Reality called India.

As far as planned preparation of the CBSE Heritage Quiz is concerned, Social Studies Books published by NCERT are always of immense help. And the India Heritage Quiz Section of would be your finest handy guide for the completion of preparation.

7 Ways to Improve Your General Knowledge

General awareness is valued information regarding the social interests of society, community or nation gathered from a range of various media platforms. There are numerous ways by which one can improve its General knowledge. Hence it would be accurate to say that general knowledge covers almost all the aspects of human life.

However, major branches of general knowledge can be classified as follows:

  • Current Affairs
  • Science
  • Arts
  • Physical Health and Recreation
  • Politics
  • History

General knowledge and information on current affairs are interrelated as the news of today will become general knowledge of tomorrow. Children need to acquire general knowledge right from an early age to develop the habit of staying tuned to current affairs and inculcating a curiosity to acquire knowledge outside the syllabus.

Here are some useful tips to study General Knowledge for self-awareness and competitive exams:

Practice the 4 Core Skills

Students preparing for general knowledge quiz competitions should ensure to make the most use of their senses to enhance their knowledge. They should practice 4 core skills that are- read, listen, watch, and speak with like-minded personalities, if possible.


Reading is the main source of gaining any type of knowledge. An individual should read newspapers, magazines, journals, and books to enhance understanding. For example, going through the sports segment will help one to get ready for a general knowledge quiz about sports and famous sports personalities.

Apart from that, while reading newspapers and magazines pay attention to the main events in the corporate world.  You should also read classics as the questions on the literature are very common.


Writing is a great way of finding the correct words for expressing your thoughts. Develop it as a habit. There are many tools now to encourage writers to pen their thoughts and share their write up with the world. Start a blog or a micro blog. Before writing on a certain topic, do some research that leads you to the reading. The most important advantage of writing is that it allows you to consolidate your knowledge and organize your thoughts.

Watch News Every Day

You must spend at least half an hour listening to the news, especially English news every day. Tune in to the good news channel and improve your GK while learning new words. Also, watch channels such as Discovery, National Geography, etc., as these channels provide excellent insights related to science and environment and much more. These channels also telecast some extremely amazing and informative documentaries and shows.

Listen to the Radio

Listening to the radio is a good habit. Many radio stations host short General Knowledge quiz contests for their listeners.

General Knowledge Websites

We live in the internet age which makes it easy to increase basic general knowledge. There are countless websites where you will get general knowledge related content for free. Some online portals like The Quizopedia carry general knowledge questions and answers in simple and easy to understand language.

Play Games

Solving crossword puzzles also help in enhancing general knowledge. Since we are living in the digital era, technology-driven online quizzes are also available.

Building up your general knowledge is not an overnight exercise. It needs years of patience and effort. Start now.

Teaching Students About Science in a fun way

Science in itself sounds monotonous to many students. *Yawn* But sometimes it can turn amazing too if you look it at from another perspective. When you were a kid, you were told to read modules related to science gk questions and answers. As you have grown up, it’s crucial to be aware of these general terms. In this era of social media where you always come up with OOTD, be a genius and slay yourself among peeps. Everything is important; be it knowledge or fashion.

Science is a subject that covers an immensely vast number of topics. Through the core branches are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, all three of them stem into further more branches of sub-categories, like biochemistry, neurophysics, analytical chemistry, etc.

More recently, online quizzes have emerged as one of the most popular assessment element, especially for school students. No matter however boring a subject seems to be, even if it is science, online quizzes have the knack to turn it into something fun and learning both.

You can learn by visiting different quiz sites like The Quizopedia or you can also hunt for it on YouTube. Grabbing knowledge can turn fun if you relate it with your lifestyle. Like, start learning by looking for things that excite you. For example, if you love birds, start reading and visiting sites that give you proper knowledge about it.  There are bundles of places where you get your quiz related problems solved. You can look for it on a platform like Quora.  Thank us later.  *wink*

Depending on technology is great, but it’s always good to keep your brain active by looking for different books. There are variants of books with chapters such as general science quiz for students. Turn eagle when it comes to quiz, pals. Ace the game of quiz by grabbing all kinds of possible knowledge about it!

A Quick Tip:-

  1. Read different blogs related to science.
  2. Go for Q and A, it will help you to brush your brain.
  3. Subscribe for Master Class.
  4. Divide into categories like:

– Business Quiz

– General Quiz

– Tech Quiz

– Revise, and test yourself.

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