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There is an ominous need to revive the quiz culture among the school and college goers if we have to reinvent the educational setup and give the students a break from the out-dated classroom centred learning, as they say monotonicity may kill you. And we at The Quizopedia have tried to bridge the gap by facilitating technology with learning by inclusion of state-of-the art online quizzing. And the best part is that it has hundreds of free online quizzes.

One of the biggest pluses of online quiz test is that one can get immediate feedback/results and all these without paying anything as The Quizopedia  has whole bunch of free online quizzes. The learners are, thus, able to introspect on what areas they have to work harder and improve themselves. The Quizopedia provides exactly this platform as it has an ever expanding and robust question series, which is spontaneously kept updated under diverse heads, such as Language and Grammar, Science, Literature, Mathematics, Sports, etc. enabling the students to not only actively play them but gain knowledge and seek opportunities to excel beyond academics and flourish towards a prolific career rather than a tedious job.

The Quizopedia play free online quizzes feature provides teasers, puzzles and reasoning questions to stimulate and sharpen the learner’s cognitive skills. Playing and solving puzzles regularly have great many benefits. They boost our cognitive and logical thinking, general knowledge and vocabulary to name a few. Brain teasers or the so-called riddles have been proved to be of immense benefits for people of all ages whether it be kids, teenagers or adults.

Online quiz test has its own advantages. It is clearly evident from psychological research that practising retrieval of something after it has been learned, for instance by taking a quiz, makes one more likely to preserve it for the long term. The Quizopedia gives ample opportunities to take online quiz test to practice and retrieve what one has learnt.

Presently with lot of sites on internet today, it is really hard to pick out the most apt combinations of entertainment and increasing information. So the question for one is: how to find and trust a good general knowledge quiz site? Herein comes The Quizopedia. It offers a very simplistic web design that is easily accessible to learners of all ages. The Quizopedia is a unique platform of paid online quiz tests along with free online quizzes as it facilitates online GK tests and quizzes along with online quiz tests on almost every topic under the sun. And its focus is on quality and ingenuity rather than quantity. The Quizopedia’s sole endeavour is to continually upgrade its content so that the learner can get access to fresh information on a spontaneous basis.