Quizzing is a part of teaching

Gaurav | 28 March 2022
Quizzing is a part of teaching

Quizzing to be a part of teaching, enables kids to learn subjects through interaction and fun. Sometimes teaching and learning are stereotyped and it dilutes the purpose of both at the same time, to make them interesting Quiz can be a better approach or model for students to improve their learning and make the subjects more interesting.

Now, this requires a skill of a teacher to create an amicable environment to make their students enhance their thinking and learning model. Quizzing is the basic and best way to achieve such an environment. Making Quiz in such a way that the learning should be put into practice through practical or application-based Questions. The ultimate goal of Quiz is to make learning fun.

It is not like Quizzing should replace the traditional way of evaluation but it has to be an approach or kind of approach if not totally that helps to learn and teach interesting as well as innovation.

The current education system is monotonous but at the same time, our government is also considering modifying the system to make education lucrative and customized for an individual. New Education Policy (NEP) is the most important initiative of the Govt to provide education in the best possible way to students as per their own interests and flexibility.

Coming back to Quizzing, we have witnessed that activity and fun-based teaching can work wonders for students. Even non-interesting and complicated subjects turn into simple and easy to learn if Quizzing is a part of the curriculum. The best thing about quiz-based learning is that it is not a standard exam or test, just fun or game so if you don’t perform you will not get disheartened or demoralized. You should rather explore to learn more and strive to perform at the same time.

The Objective of Quizzing is to make concepts and fundamentals as strong as possible and it has been observed the same can be achieved best by it. Many QUIZ game shows are running on TV and they are blockbuster just because the questions are asked in a simple as well as intuitive way. The model of the Quiz is the key factor to make it successful. Generally, a reward is associated with a quiz game this makes it more attractive, and thus participation rise substantially. is an online Quiz platform for students, covering all possible subjects which are an essential part of the school curriculum. This not only enhances the knowledge of students but also ignites a sort of competitiveness among them to perform better and stay ahead. The class-wise quizzing model of the portal is tailor-made for students to learn more.





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