How well do you know the Indian Cinema?

The Quizopedia | 24 February 2020
Indian Cinema Quiz

Indian cinema is quite popular worldwide and attracts millions every year. Bollywood movies are not only a well-received source of entertainment but also a powerful medium for educating or indoctrinating the citizens, for whom Hindi movies are larger than life and mythical. Indian films featuring big stars like Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, and Salman Khan with a global appeal, combined with the backing of opulent production houses, garner millions of ticket sales every year. Keeping that in mind, we are presenting a general knowledge quiz based on some first-person, place and event in Indian cinema.

Just answer these questions and see if your kid’s score is high or low.

  1. Which of these is an English language film with Amitabh Bachchan?

a) The Last Lear

b) Faraar

c) The Great Gambler

d) Black


  1. Under whose direction have both Dimple Kapadia and Raveena Tandon won the Best Actress National Award?

a) Tanuja Chandra

b) Kalpana Lajmi

c) Aparna Sen

d) Deepa Mehta


  1. Which Amitabh Bachchan film was based on the 1941 Frank Capra classic with Gary Cooper,’Meet John Doe’?

a) Hum

b) Main Azaad Hoon

c) Pink

d) Paa


  1. Which film’s first public screening was organized in Bhuj, Gujarat?

a) Gadar

b) Nayak

c) Lagaan

d) Daman


  1. From which year Indian Government started sponsoring National Film Award

a) 1974

b) 1973

c) 1984

d) 1970


  1. Satyajit Ray won Oscar in the year

a) 1990

b) 1992

c) 1988

d) 1991


  1. Which of the following is the first Indian Sound Film

a) Raja Harishchandra

b) Kishan Kanya

c) Alam Ara

d) None of the above


  1. Filmfare Awards started from the year

a) 1954

b) 1956

c) 1965

d) 1960


  1. Total number of Best Actor nomination for Amitabh Bachchan in Filmfare Awards

a) 30

b) 35

c) 28

d) 12


  1. The First 3D animated film from India is

a) Ghayab Aaya

b) Roadside Romeo

c) Hanuman

d) Bal Ganesha


Correct Answers:

  1. a) The Last Lear
  2. b) Kalpana Lajmi
  3. b) Main Azaad Hoon
  4. c) Lagaan
  5. b) 1973
  6. b) 1992
  7. c) Alam Ara
  8. a) 1954
  9. c) 28
  10. b) Roadside Romeo


How many answers did your son/ daughter got right? Tell us in the comment section below.

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