How Good Is Your Science Knowledge?

The Quizopedia | 19 February 2020
Science Quiz Questions

Science is one subject that not everyone enjoys. It is a way for us to know about the things around human beings. Science is a vital part of the basis for education for all children. It allows students to traverse their imagination and learn new things. It is also an on-going topic, comprising exercises such as hands-on labs.

How scientifically intelligent your kid is? Do you think that your kid knows science really well? Let him take this quiz to find out!

  1. Identify which of the following is located at Pune?

a. Indian Vaccine Corporation Ltd.
b. Tata Energy Research Institute
c. Central Forensic Science Laboratory
d. National Chemical Laboratory


  1. The force acting on a body perpendicular to its surface is called

a. Thrust
b. Pressure
c. Torque
d. Push


  1. When a ripe fruit is kept with unripe fruits, the latter ripen due to release of

a. Auxin by the ripe fruits
b. Cytokinin by the ripe fruits
c. Ethylene by the ripe fruits
d. Ethylene by the unripe fruits


  1. Which of the following is India’s first indigenously built warship?

a. INS Talwar
b. INS Godavari
c. INS Shivalik
d. INS Arihant


  1. Which of the following vectors spreads the kala-azar in human beings?

a. Mosquito
b. Sandfly
c. Housefly
d. Ticks


  1. The number of cell organelles in our body can be kept in control by which of the following organelles?

a. Lysosome
b. Golgi bodies
c. Mitochondria
d. Nucleus


  1. Which one is false regarding momentum?

a. Newton introduces the concept of momentum
b. Momentum has the same direction as the velocity of the body
c. Momentum has both magnitude and direction
d. Change in momentum is called acceleration


  1. Which of the following is not the term of ‘Information Technology?

a. Cyberspace
b. Upload
c. Modem
d. Light Storage


  1. The last or 7th satellite of Indian Regional Navigation satellite system is



  1. Which clock is used at NPL to maintain Indian Standard Time?

a. Hydrogen atomic clock
b. Helium atomic clock
c. Caesium atomic clock
d. Radium atomic clock


Correct Answers:

  1. (d) National Chemical Laboratory
  2. (a) Thrust
  3. c) Ethylene by the ripe fruits
  4. b) INS Godavari
  5. b) Sandfly
  6. a) Lysosome
  7. d) Change in momentum is called acceleration
  8. d) Light Storage
  9. b) IRNSS-1G
  10. c) Caesium atomic clock

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