To Play Quiz Online And Learn Simultaneously is Great Fun

Playing Quiz Online is a unique and fun way to engage the learners. It does not matter at what kind of location the learners can play quiz online as long as they have access to the internet. The Quizopedia is a one of its kind, one stop destination for playing quiz online. Other than broadening a student’s knowledge, The Quizopedia is an attempt to redefine the educational paradigms in a significant way by enabling the students, across all age groups, to play quiz online at their convenience anytime and anywhere.

The Quizopedia’s play quiz online feature provides teasers, puzzles and reasoning questions to stimulate and sharpen the learner’s cognitive skills. Playing and solving puzzles regularly have great many benefits. They boost our cognitive and logical thinking, general knowledge and vocabulary to name a few. Brain teasers or the so-called riddles have been proved to be of immense benefits for people of all ages whether it be kids, teenagers or adults.

One of the biggest pluses of playing quiz online is that one can get immediate feedback/results. The learners are, thus, able to introspect on what areas they have to work harder and improve themselves. The Quizopedia provides exactly this platform as it has an ever expanding and robust question series, which is spontaneously kept updated under diverse heads, such as Language and Grammar, Science, Literature, Mathematics, Sports, etc. enabling the students to not only actively play them but gain knowledge and seek opportunities to excel beyond academics and flourish towards a prolific career rather than a tedious job.

The various benefits of teasers, puzzles and reasoning can be summed up as follows:

  • The Quizopedia believes in the portability of the modern generation. Thus one can pack up your iPad or Mac and attempt this wherever and whenever you feel like.
  • A healthy and active mind is always a plus for you when you attend your classes. Puzzles keep your mind healthy and active thereby enabling it to work faster and sharper in different phases of your daily life.
  • Puzzles are good to keep your emotional side under check and anxiety at bay. In today’s stressful educational ambience, puzzles are a great way to relax and refresh you. The Quizopedia has tried to do the same, thereby giving the learner the much-needed refreshment without losing on the importance of learning and garnering new information albeit in a way which is refreshing.
  • Varied puzzles make you use varied thinking skills, like a traditional crossword makes you think about vocabulary, a Sudoku makes you use logical thinking skills and so on.
  • And most importantly puzzles are game based learning that enable kids and youngsters to play, have fun without compromising on learning.

Thus at The Quizopedia’s play quiz online caters to this very object of learning, i.e., learning should be FUN!

One Stop Destination for Free Online Quizzes

The Quizopedia is a one of its kind, one stop destination for all your learning and quizzing needs with its innumerable free online quizzes.

There is an ominous need to revive the quiz culture among the school and college goers if we have to reinvent the educational setup and give the students a break from the out-dated classroom centred learning, as they say monotonicity may kill you. And we at The Quizopedia have tried to bridge the gap by facilitating technology with learning by inclusion of state-of-the art online quizzing. And the best part is that it has hundreds of free online quizzes.

One of the biggest pluses of online quiz test is that one can get immediate feedback/results and all these without paying anything as The Quizopedia  has whole bunch of free online quizzes. The learners are, thus, able to introspect on what areas they have to work harder and improve themselves. The Quizopedia provides exactly this platform as it has an ever expanding and robust question series, which is spontaneously kept updated under diverse heads, such as Language and Grammar, Science, Literature, Mathematics, Sports, etc. enabling the students to not only actively play them but gain knowledge and seek opportunities to excel beyond academics and flourish towards a prolific career rather than a tedious job.

The Quizopedia play free online quizzes feature provides teasers, puzzles and reasoning questions to stimulate and sharpen the learner’s cognitive skills. Playing and solving puzzles regularly have great many benefits. They boost our cognitive and logical thinking, general knowledge and vocabulary to name a few. Brain teasers or the so-called riddles have been proved to be of immense benefits for people of all ages whether it be kids, teenagers or adults.

Online quiz test has its own advantages. It is clearly evident from psychological research that practising retrieval of something after it has been learned, for instance by taking a quiz, makes one more likely to preserve it for the long term. The Quizopedia gives ample opportunities to take online quiz test to practice and retrieve what one has learnt.

Presently with lot of sites on internet today, it is really hard to pick out the most apt combinations of entertainment and increasing information. So the question for one is: how to find and trust a good general knowledge quiz site? Herein comes The Quizopedia. It offers a very simplistic web design that is easily accessible to learners of all ages. The Quizopedia is a unique platform of paid online quiz tests along with free online quizzes as it facilitates online GK tests and quizzes along with online quiz tests on almost every topic under the sun. And its focus is on quality and ingenuity rather than quantity. The Quizopedia’s sole endeavour is to continually upgrade its content so that the learner can get access to fresh information on a spontaneous basis.

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A Few Tips to Make Your Kids Love Mathematics

How to make your kids solve the mathematical equations without stressing them out? This seemingly easy question has tortured the generations of parents. Solving math equations can be hard for kids but it gets worse when a child is not interested in the maths.

To persuade your kid to take an interest in math, parents must help them to evolve interest. In this blog, we will share some of the practical ways to make your kid fall in love with this subject.

Play Mathematical Games

Young kids are attracted to colourful things. Parents should utilize such games to make their kids learn math-related games. The games might not seem more educational, but will be more effective for kids learning as such games develop kid’s curiosity in the subject.

There are numerous interactive mathematics games for kids out there. Even Google Play Store is flooding with such math game apps. An app like The Quizopedia is offering free interactive and fun-filled math quizzes so that your kids fall in love with math again and again.

Strengthen Your Kid’s Confidence

No one likes to do anything that they feel they are not good in. If your kid has performed badly in mathematics test, mostly sums, then it is evident for them to not like that particular test.  As a parent, you have to make sure that you look for your kid’s weak points. This is important because it shows that certain topics might be hindering their ability to understand maths equations.

After analysing the point where your kid is struggling with maths, ask them to attempt easy equations before they move to the difficult ones. Also, reward them for solving equations which motivates them to solve more equations.

Create a Progress System to Encourage Kids

Using a progress system is another best way to help your kid perform well in math. Children require to regularly practice math to be able to achieve good scores in their exams. Hence, the best method to indulge them in learning is games: executing motivating things like levels, badges, progress bars, and more to show kids that they are doing well.

Use Real-Life Scenarios to Teach Kids

Mathematics Quiz For Students

Using real-life scenarios to make your kids learn math is one of the ways and it allows them to practice math in real without even realising that they are studying. Below are some ideas you can utilise:

-> When buying any items for your child, use that moment to teach them addition or subtraction.

-> If your kid is wearing a watch, ask them time and questions related to the time.

-> Teach them the concept of area, volume and perimeter while playing building blocks like Lego.

-> Teach them about fractions while eating pizza or cake.

Try the aforementioned tricks with your children and see how quickly they fall in love with math. Keep encouraging your kid to take mathematics quiz! Register today!

Can Your Kid Guess These Abbreviations?

An abbreviation is the shortened form of word used to represent a word or a phrase. Usually, abbreviation start with a capital latter and ends with a period. For example, the day of the week Monday can be abbreviated as Mon. We can also abbreviate the names of the months hence you can write January as Jan.

Learning abbreviations helps your kid remember long nouns easily. The abbreviation quiz section is designed to give your child access to the world of short forms and prepare them to become well versed with the world of science and technology.

This quiz is specifically designed to check your kid’s love for English language. Do you think your kid can ace this quiz? Answer the 10 questions and scroll down for the right answers.

  1. What is the full form of ATM?

a) Any Time Money
b) Automated Teller Machine
c) Automated Teller Money
d) None of Above

  1. What is the full form of ROLF?

a) Rolling On Floor Laughing
b) Rolling On Foot Laughing
c) Rolling Out Floor Laughing
d) None of these

  1. What is the full form of “APK”?

a) Android Application Package
b) Application Programming Knowledge
c) Application Package Knowledge
d) None of these

4. In the study of Grammar, What does the sign “Cnj” mean?

a) Conjunction
b) Contact
c) Convert
d) None of these

  1. In the study of Grammar, what does the sign “Adv.” mean?

a) Advance
b) Advice
c) Adventure
d) Adverb

  1. What do you mean by “vs.”?

a) Versus
b) Very Small
c) Very Smart
d) None of these

  1. What does the sign “Assn.” mean?

a) Asian
b) Association
c) Assistant
d) Associate

8.What does the sign “Dept.” mean?

a) Department
b) Departure
c) Dispensary
d) None of these

9. What does “LPG” stand for?

a) Lead Peroxide Gas
b) Liquefied Petroleum Gas
c) Liquid Potassium Gas
d) Liquefied Peroxide Gas

  1. In the study of Grammar, What does the sign “Pre” mean?

a) Present
b) President
c) Pressure
d) Preposition


  1. b) Automated Teller Machine
  2. a) Rolling On Floor Laughing
  3. a) Android Application Package
  4. a) Conjunction
  5. d) Adverb
  6. a) Versus
  7. b) Association
  8. a) Department
  9. b) Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  10. d) Preposition


What’s your score? Share your score in the comment section below.

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How to Teach Your Kids at Home

What is the best age to start teaching a child? Recent studies show that even an embryo in the womb of its mother is learning things; for example the voice of its mother and father.

Although there is no set age when you can start teaching your child, earlier the better. However, with the responsibility of teaching, comes the question, how to teach?

Many parents try building their child’s general knowledge and thus search for a gk quiz for kids. It is a great way to teach children, but are there more methods?

Let’s explore different methods of teaching children.

Here are a few:

  1. Build Phonemic Awareness

At its most basic, Phonemic Awareness is the ability to identify the sounds words make and connect them to alphabets. Phonemic awareness is the foundation stone to being a good reader.

There are many ways you can build a child’s Phonemic Awareness. Perhaps the most common and easily accessible way is through nursery rhymes.

Children’s books are usually written in rhymes, undoubtedly because it helps them remember the story, but also because it can be used to teach Phonemic Awareness.

The idea is to help the child pick out the rhyming words, which helps him understand the similarity in sounds. Additionally, breaking words down into syllables and clapping each syllable will help him understand that each alphabet has a sound.

Singing specially designed songs to helped build Phonemic Awareness is another great method.

  1. Create Art With Your Little Piccaso

There are different disciplines in art, each with their benefits, however, the one will we focus on is drawing, painting and craft.

Creating art through drawing or painting helps children develop their motor skills, reading, creativity, writing and helps to build self-esteem. Interestingly, it also helps develop a complete personality.

To motivate yourself and your child, you can create an “art room” in your home. Hang some posters, get the required items like paints, crayons, color pencils, glue, scissors, tissues, etc.

Let the child get as creative as he can without feeling restricted.

Arts & crafts can help build a child’s creativity and imagination skills. Crafts work on developing essential creative and critical thinking skills. One simple craft could be to make suncatchers.

Help your child make it so that they can learn about colors and shapes.

  1. Visual Aids to Teach

Visual Aids are perhaps the most important and effective methods of teaching.

It is interesting to realize that we even think in picture form. Consider this, when someone tries explaining a concept, we imagine in pictures what it would look like so we can remember it better.

Children, due to their constant desire to learn and their vivid imagination, will benefit from visual aids. Puzzles, storybooks, flashcards are great visual aids to consider using.

If you’re using a tab, then showing fun videos to help learn the alphabet is a great start. Additionally, many parents have found it beneficial to help their child take an online quiz, to help build a child’s general knowledge and reasoning.

What Next?, is designed to help develop a child’s cognition – an important aspect of learning. We at Quizopedia have worked at curating quizzes that cater to various aspects of the world.

We have quizzes on, world flags, current affairs, famous Indian personalities, grammar and language, and so many more. Each quiz is unique and is designed for children in Primary, Upper Primary, Middle and Secondary stages.

Take out the time to help your child take some of these quizzes, we are sure it will help.

Make Your Kid Math Maestro with The Quizopedia

Mathematics isn’t easy for most of us. Only a lot of hard work and practice can make one master of each exercise. It is probably the only subject which freaks out kids a lot and all the parents want our kids to excel in mathematics.

As we all have access to smartphones and computers, and the internet is flooded with a huge number of Math apps to try your hand on. Applications like The Quizopedia give your kids the chance to solve hard mathematical concepts without making them frustrated. It simply introduces those tough equations in a fun and easy-to-understand way.

The Quizopedia is the best math apps for kids – ideal for primary, middle and secondary school kids to learn basic arithmetic concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, number sense, algebra are to name a few.

This app teaches your kid how math is a part of our everyday life. The below-mentioned quiz is specifically designed to target the math domain and standards required for Elementary, Middle and High School students.

Do you think your kid can ace this quiz? Answer the 10 questions and scroll down for the right answers.


  1. If a = 5 and b = 8, then which of the following is correct?

a) 8 + a + 8 + b = 104

b) 8 + a + 8b = 104

c) 8a + 8 + b = 104

d) 8a + 8b = 104


  1. If 4 + x + 8 = 24, then which of the following is correct?

a) 4 + x = 16

b) 12 + x = 16

c) 4x – 8 = 16

d) 4x + 8 =16


  1. Where can the ‘numerator’ in a fraction are found?

a) Above the line

b) Below the line

c) Either above or below the line

d) Anywhere but where it ought to be


  1. If 3a + 2 = a + 6, then which of these is incorrect?

a) 3a + 2 – a = 6

b) 2a = 6 + 2

c) 2a = 4

d) a = 4⁄2


  1. In the equation 2 x a = 3 x 9 which of these is not correct?

a) 2 x a = 27

b) 2a = 3 x 9

c) 2a = 27

d) a = 14.5


  1. 3a + 6 + b = 3a + 5 is the same as which of the following?

a) b = 3a – 3a + 5 – 6

b) b = 3a + 3a + 5 – 6

c) b = 3a – 3a – 5 + 6

d) b = 3a – 3a + 5 + 6


  1. 5(a – 4) is the same as which of the following?

a) 5a + 20

b) 5a – 20

c) 5a – 4

d) 5a4


  1. If a curve on a graph is said to be ‘symmetrical about the y-axis’, what would you expect?

a) Most of the curve to be in quadrant 2

b) Most of the curve to be in quadrant 1

c) None of the curve to be below the x-axis

d) The left-hand side to be a mirror image of the right-hand side


  1. < is the sign that means what?

a) Less than

b) Greater than

c) Less than or equal to

d) Greater than or equal to


  1. Which of the following are common factors of 6, 12, 18 and 24?

a) 2 and 3

b) 3 and 4

c) 4 and 5

d) 5 and 6


Correct Answers

  1. d) 8a + 8b = 104
  2. a) 4 + x = 16
  3. a) Above the line
  4. b) 2a = 6 + 2
  5. d) a = 14.5
  6. a) b = 3a – 3a + 5 – 6
  7. b) 5a – 20
  8. d) The left-hand side to be a mirror image of the right-hand side
  9. a) Less than
  10. a) 2 and 3

What’s your score? Let us know in the comment section below.

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How well do you know the Indian Cinema?

Indian cinema is quite popular worldwide and attracts millions every year. Bollywood movies are not only a well-received source of entertainment but also a powerful medium for educating or indoctrinating the citizens, for whom Hindi movies are larger than life and mythical. Indian films featuring big stars like Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, and Salman Khan with a global appeal, combined with the backing of opulent production houses, garner millions of ticket sales every year. Keeping that in mind, we are presenting a general knowledge quiz based on some first-person, place and event in Indian cinema.

Just answer these questions and see if your kid’s score is high or low.

  1. Which of these is an English language film with Amitabh Bachchan?

a) The Last Lear

b) Faraar

c) The Great Gambler

d) Black


  1. Under whose direction have both Dimple Kapadia and Raveena Tandon won the Best Actress National Award?

a) Tanuja Chandra

b) Kalpana Lajmi

c) Aparna Sen

d) Deepa Mehta


  1. Which Amitabh Bachchan film was based on the 1941 Frank Capra classic with Gary Cooper,’Meet John Doe’?

a) Hum

b) Main Azaad Hoon

c) Pink

d) Paa


  1. Which film’s first public screening was organized in Bhuj, Gujarat?

a) Gadar

b) Nayak

c) Lagaan

d) Daman


  1. From which year Indian Government started sponsoring National Film Award

a) 1974

b) 1973

c) 1984

d) 1970


  1. Satyajit Ray won Oscar in the year

a) 1990

b) 1992

c) 1988

d) 1991


  1. Which of the following is the first Indian Sound Film

a) Raja Harishchandra

b) Kishan Kanya

c) Alam Ara

d) None of the above


  1. Filmfare Awards started from the year

a) 1954

b) 1956

c) 1965

d) 1960


  1. Total number of Best Actor nomination for Amitabh Bachchan in Filmfare Awards

a) 30

b) 35

c) 28

d) 12


  1. The First 3D animated film from India is

a) Ghayab Aaya

b) Roadside Romeo

c) Hanuman

d) Bal Ganesha


Correct Answers:

  1. a) The Last Lear
  2. b) Kalpana Lajmi
  3. b) Main Azaad Hoon
  4. c) Lagaan
  5. b) 1973
  6. b) 1992
  7. c) Alam Ara
  8. a) 1954
  9. c) 28
  10. b) Roadside Romeo


How many answers did your son/ daughter got right? Tell us in the comment section below.

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How Online Quizzes in Diversified Subjects Improve Student Learning

Student learning is a much debated, discussed, and explored topic. After all, what really makes students learn their subjects is crucial, and various methods with which it can be approached is something that is required to be done in a smart manner.

Coming out with new ideas of improved student learning techniques and implementing them in schools and in a student’s education is something that has been going on for ages. Learning is something that requires constant updates with time. Hence, to ensure that a student receives his/her education in the best way possible, new methods of learning are mandatory.

With the advent of technology, new and advanced methods of student learning came into existence, mostly based around computers and the digital world. Since the rise of the internet, just like other spheres of life, student learning also underwent a boom and numerous branches of various methods stemmed out to enhance a student’s learning procedure in an innovative manner.

Following the trend, online quiz platforms and portals began to serve as pretty good mediums to encourage students learning their subjects in an interesting way, without getting bored with the general monotony and uninterestingly flipping the pages of subject books.

Online Quiz

So what online quizzes do to help students with their respective subjects?

Being a student, especially a school student, requires you to equally concentrate on a variety of subjects, be it Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Literature or the other ones. It goes without saying that to play even attention to each of the subjects and perform well in the related exams is quite a tedious task for any school student.

Online quizzes, like the ones available with The Quizopedia, offers quiz questions from all the subjects, where a student get to answer them in a limited duration of time. Initially, it might seem a bit hectic, but such quizzes encourage the student to study their subjects more keenly, noticing all the important facts and figures.

The online quizzes aim towards an overall assessment of a student’s knowledge and hence, the questions are jumbled, including points from every subject that the student is assigned to study. This way, the student learns to carefully go through the subject material and answer the quiz questions without losing much time.

The practice of online quizzing also boosts the learning speed of the students. In less duration of time, they become able to grasp more material and cover more subjects, that too in a way that enhances their grasping ability and clear understanding. Undoubtedly, this practice eventually helps the students to perform well in their exams too.

Another aspect of online quizzing is immediate results generation. Within a few moments of finishing the quiz, the student receives his/her result and assessment. They can immediately begin working towards improving the weak points and studying those subjects or topics more thoroughly. It saves them time and they don’t have to wait for days to get the results before assessing their performance.

Quizzes, in general, are always helpful. They may or may not be a primary part of the curriculum, but taking quizzes is definitely helpful for the students. When it comes to learning in the smartest way, online quizzes surely take the trophy.

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10 Ways Online Quizzes Help Teachers with Students

Since a couple of decades, the concept of e-learning and smart-teaching has risen to prominence, with several schools across the globe adopting new methods of teaching students with more interactive digital media.

Adding to the now highly popular trend, teachers and instructors in various educational organizations including schools have access to online platforms where they can put students to tests, create quizzes, and easily analyze the students’ scores.

In the same regard, the online quiz portals have emerged as quite a helpful platform for not only just the students but the teachers too. They have simplified the process of quizzing and analyzing the performance of the students for the teachers.

Making learning fun and interactive is a primary goal of the teachers. Therefore, including online quizzes in their teaching program can prove to be considerably effective and help the children learn their subjects better.

Here are 10 reasons why quizzing students can assist teachers to teach efficiently:

Immediate Results

The online quiz results are generated automatically the moment a student is done with the quiz. Both the student and the teacher get access to the score and the performance report in no time. It helps the teachers to quickly analyze the performance of each student and work on the teaching accordingly.

In-Depth Analysis

Besides the quiz results, the online quizzes also generate an in-depth analysis of the student’s performance that is quite helpful in order to filter out the areas where the student needs more attention from the teacher. It helps the teacher to find out any weak points of his student.

Real-Time Environment

The online quizzes begin with a timer running a certain duration of time within which all the quiz questions have to be attempted by the student. Once the timer stops, the student is no more allowed to answer any question. Apart from being helpful to the students, this feature works in favor of teachers too as they are able to explain the importance of finishing a test within a certain time limit.

Auto-Grading and Feedback

Once a student is done with the quiz, it can become quite a tiresome task to grade each student and provide a feedback on his performance. With online quizzes, this old time hurdle has been eliminated. Now the teacher gets access to the scores and the feedback almost immediately, saving them a significant amount of time.

Learning with Fun

If a subject is taught to a student in a monotonous manner, he will definitely get bored of it and most of the teaching will go above his head. That is why it is crucial to keep him engaged in a manner that will not only make him learn his subjects but in a rather interesting way that they would enjoy.

Different Subjects at One Place

Quizzes usually consist of several kinds of questions belonging from different subjects including Mathematics, Science, History, Arts, and Literature, etc.  It helps the teacher assisting students in putting equal emphasis on all the subjects.

Work from Anywhere

Quiz Questions For Classes 5,6,7,8

Unlike the conventional tests and quizzes, online quizzes let the teacher conduct a quiz from anywhere without having the requirement to be present with the students at the school. It is convenient for both the teacher and the students as they can conduct and appear for the quiz from wherever they are.

Customized Practice Tests

Any good quiz portal provides several practice test materials belonging to each of the subjects. This is quite helpful to the teachers as they get to learn beforehand how their students are performing so that they can modify7 their teaching techniques accordingly.

Allows More Number of Students

Since conducting online quizzes doesn’t take any physical space, a large number of students can be present to take the quiz, allowing the teacher to test them at once instead of in different batches. This saves time and energy and lets the teacher concentrate on other aspects of a student’s development.

Tracking Student’s Progress

This is definitely one of the most crucial parts of a teacher’s duty; to accurately track how well a student is doing and ensure that he is making positive growth when it comes to his subjects. The results shared by quiz portals are either downloadable or can be saved on the cloud. Hence, it is easier for the teacher to access the data and promptly analyze a student’s progress.

Undoubtedly, online quizzes have proved to be quite helpful for the students by simplifying the teaching procedure. It lets the teachers track the development at regular intervals so that the student is not left behind at all. Such quizzes assist teachers to offer students with the right kind of study material that they need.

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