10 Ways Online Quizzes Help Teachers with Students

Since a couple of decades, the concept of e-learning and smart-teaching has risen to prominence, with several schools across the globe adopting new methods of teaching students with more interactive digital media.

Adding to the now highly popular trend, teachers and instructors in various educational organizations including schools have access to online platforms where they can put students to tests, create quizzes, and easily analyze the students’ scores.

In the same regard, the online quiz portals have emerged as quite a helpful platform for not only just the students but the teachers too. They have simplified the process of quizzing and analyzing the performance of the students for the teachers.

Making learning fun and interactive is a primary goal of the teachers. Therefore, including online quizzes in their teaching program can prove to be considerably effective and help the children learn their subjects better.

Here are 10 reasons why quizzing students can assist teachers to teach efficiently:

Immediate Results

The online quiz results are generated automatically the moment a student is done with the quiz. Both the student and the teacher get access to the score and the performance report in no time. It helps the teachers to quickly analyze the performance of each student and work on the teaching accordingly.

In-Depth Analysis

Besides the quiz results, the online quizzes also generate an in-depth analysis of the student’s performance that is quite helpful in order to filter out the areas where the student needs more attention from the teacher. It helps the teacher to find out any weak points of his student.

Real-Time Environment

The online quizzes begin with a timer running a certain duration of time within which all the quiz questions have to be attempted by the student. Once the timer stops, the student is no more allowed to answer any question. Apart from being helpful to the students, this feature works in favor of teachers too as they are able to explain the importance of finishing a test within a certain time limit.

Auto-Grading and Feedback

Once a student is done with the quiz, it can become quite a tiresome task to grade each student and provide a feedback on his performance. With online quizzes, this old time hurdle has been eliminated. Now the teacher gets access to the scores and the feedback almost immediately, saving them a significant amount of time.

Learning with Fun

If a subject is taught to a student in a monotonous manner, he will definitely get bored of it and most of the teaching will go above his head. That is why it is crucial to keep him engaged in a manner that will not only make him learn his subjects but in a rather interesting way that they would enjoy.

Different Subjects at One Place

Quizzes usually consist of several kinds of questions belonging from different subjects including Mathematics, Science, History, Arts, and Literature, etc.  It helps the teacher assisting students in putting equal emphasis on all the subjects.

Work from Anywhere

Quiz Questions For Classes 5,6,7,8

Unlike the conventional tests and quizzes, online quizzes let the teacher conduct a quiz from anywhere without having the requirement to be present with the students at the school. It is convenient for both the teacher and the students as they can conduct and appear for the quiz from wherever they are.

Customized Practice Tests

Any good quiz portal provides several practice test materials belonging to each of the subjects. This is quite helpful to the teachers as they get to learn beforehand how their students are performing so that they can modify7 their teaching techniques accordingly.

Allows More Number of Students

Since conducting online quizzes doesn’t take any physical space, a large number of students can be present to take the quiz, allowing the teacher to test them at once instead of in different batches. This saves time and energy and lets the teacher concentrate on other aspects of a student’s development.

Tracking Student’s Progress

This is definitely one of the most crucial parts of a teacher’s duty; to accurately track how well a student is doing and ensure that he is making positive growth when it comes to his subjects. The results shared by quiz portals are either downloadable or can be saved on the cloud. Hence, it is easier for the teacher to access the data and promptly analyze a student’s progress.

Undoubtedly, online quizzes have proved to be quite helpful for the students by simplifying the teaching procedure. It lets the teachers track the development at regular intervals so that the student is not left behind at all. Such quizzes assist teachers to offer students with the right kind of study material that they need.

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